5 Year Warranty 48V-120AH LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Use UU-48V/180Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack to avoid purchasing high-cost electricity. Use solar energy to power your home and reduce your dependence on the grid. Unlike generators, UU 48-180 need no maintenance, no fuel consumption, and no noise, make your home lights always on, home appliances always run.

48v 120ah lifepo4 battery-vertical-wall (12)

UU-48V/120Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack for no city power areas, the battery pack can be charged by solar panels and used for night lighting; For the areas that  city power is expensive, the battery pack can be charged during the electricity valley value period, and used at the peak  power period; For the areas which power off from time to time, the battery pack can be used as UPS, to avoid  information loss caused by sudden power outage. The battery pack is applicable to commercial lighting, industrial  lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting, camping tourism, farming, planting, the night market stalls, etc.


Storing the power from the solar panel, to be used as reserve power or emergency power supply.

At night or at the time of power outage, it can supply the power to electrical appliances by using the stored energy, to avoid the inconvenience caused by power outage, so that you can calmly deal with the situation of power outages.


  1. All in one mould design and production,  easy to install.

  2. With longer span life LiFePO4 battery,  over 12 years life span, ensure the  whole set products’life span.

  3. High quality aluminium magnesium  alloy, anti-corrosion, substantial, durable,  artistic, practical.

  4. High craft manifesting  production value of famous brand.

  5. Dustproof structure d esign, DC output,  safe and reliable. Integrated packaging, safe and convenient  to transport.

Technical Parameters


48v 120ah lifepo4 battery-vertical-wall (11)

6 Kinds if Safety Protection


The Advantages and Characteristics of LiFePO4 Battery

1.Volume: The capacity of LiFePO With the same capacity, LiFePO44 battery volume is only two thirds of lead-acid.battery is bigger than lead- acid cell with the same volume.

2.Weight: LiFePO4 is light. The weight is just 1/3 of lead-acid cell with the same capacity.

3.No memory effect: No matter the LiFePO4 Battery is in which conditions, it can be charged and discharged whenever you like, no need to discharge totally then charge for it.

4.Environmental protection: Lithium materials not have any poisonous and harmful substance.It is regarded as green and environmental protection battery. The battery has no any pollution no matter in the process of production or in the process of using.

5.Durability: The durability of LiFePO4 Battery is powerful and consumption is slow. The time ofcharging and discharging is more than 2000times. After 2000times circulation, the capacity of the battery is still more than 80%.

6.Security: LiFePO4 battery passed the strict safety testing, with higher safety performance.

7.Environmental protection: Lithium materials not have any poisonous and harmful substance.It is regarded as green and environmental protection battery. The battery has no any pollution.

8.Well graded and combination. After multi-selection, to ensure each cell qualified with long life.

9.The connection tech of all interface, be safe and durable, with simple maintenance.

10.Multi-layer protection structure, could be waterproof, shockproof, anti explosion and fire.

11.Various joints, could be customized, safe and durable for long run.

12.Security and reliability,compared with lead-acid battery, the materials of LiFe PO4 is the securest, the best choice of solar energy storage battery.


Storage and Transportation

1.Based on the character of cell, proper environment for transportation of LiFePO4 battery pack need to be created to protect the battery.

2.Battery should be kept at -20℃—45℃ in warehouse where it’s dry, clean and well-ventilated.

During loading of battery, attention must be paid against dropping, turning over and serious stacking.


  • Never knock, throw or trample the battery. Never upside down the positive and negative.

  • Never connect the positive and negative of battery with metal. Never ship or store the battery together with metal.

  • Never cut through the battery with nail or other edge tool.

  • Never throw the battery into water, please keep it under dry, shady and cool circumstance when not use.

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