51.2v 200ah 60000 cycles lifepo4 battery pack for sola energy storage system

LiFePO4 Battery Pack (51.2V-200Ah), For no city power areas, the battery pack can be charged by solar panels and used for night lighting; For the areas that city power is expensive, the battery pack can be charged during the electricity valley value period, and used at the peak power period; For the areas which power off from time to time, the battery pack can be used as UPS, to avoid information loss caused by sudden power outage. The battery pack is applicable to commercial lighting, industrial lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting, camping tourism, farming, planting, the night market stalls, etc.

48v 200ah-lifepo4-battery

Voltai Battery Rechargeable 51.2V 200Ah Lithium Ion Batteries:

  • (1) Standard Capacity: 200AH

  • (2) Rated Voltage: 51.2V

  • (3) Maximum Input current:100A;

  • (4) Maximum output current: 100A;

  • (5) Charging v oltage: 58.4V;

  • (6) Cut off: 2.5V single cell

  • (7) Depth of discharge: up to 95%.

LiFePO4 battery, more stable and safe .
Intelligent BMS equipped inside to maintain the battery always work at best condition .
Max. charge and discharge current as 150A which is specially designed for solar energy .
With equalizer can balance each lithium cell voltage difference as small as 0.05V in a very short time .
It can be connected in series to 24V, 36V, 48V .
Excellent standby self-consumption as low as 4mA .
Automatically output cut off after 30days no charge and discharge to ensure security , also can cut off output by manual operation .

Product Details:

48v 200ah

48v 200ah-lifepo4

Hunan Voltai Green Energy Co.,Ltd (Abbr: Voltai) settled the base in Changsha city of Hunan Province in 2006. Through 17 years high-speed development, Voltai is the integrated supplier to meet the needs of many fields of micro-energy storage system by providing one-stop solution from R&D to production, from made in China to created in China. In the international market, Voltai has become a brand recognized by users in Southeast countries, and annual turnover reaches 600 million RMB. At present, Voltai has developed direct selling stores in over 90 countries , and has set up branch offices with showrooms.
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