3.2V 52Ah Lithium-ion Battery

Product type: Lithium-ion battery, square shape, LFP cellModel name: IFP28148115A-52Ah

Product type: Lithium-ion battery, square shape, LFP cell

Model name: IFP28148115A-52Ah


1. Capacity≥53.5Ah0.33C
2. Nominal voltage3.2V0.33C
3.Charge and discharge voltage range2.0V~3.65V>0℃
1.8V~3.65V≤0℃,Continuous charging is not allowed
4. Weight966g±30gWithout outer film
5. Mass energy density≥175Wh/kg0.33C/0.33C
6. Volumetric energy density≥350Wh/L0.33C/0.33C
7. AC internal resistance0.5m<R<0.8mQ25℃±2℃
8. DC internal resistance2.5mQ50%SOC,25℃±2℃



Prismatic Cell Compared With Cylindrical Cell

1. Higher safety performance.

2. More cycle lifes. More than 3000 times.

3. Higher discharge rate. Can Deliver higher discharge current.

4. Easier assembly in series and parallel


This battery module is suitable for many new energy vehicles ,energy storage and DIY your own battery packs.

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