Voltai High Voltage ESS 30v-300v server rack battery For Communication Base Station Backup Telecom Battery Suppliers

ESS Battery Rack SystemCompared with traditional batteries, Voltai’ high-voltage lithium battery ene...
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ESS Battery Rack System

Compared with traditional batteries, Voltai’ high-voltage lithium battery energy storage system has a wide range of performance and application advantages. The leading lithium battery technology, BMS technology and system design ca-pabilities will bring excellent performance and reliability, while also providing the best solution for industrial. applications.

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Key Features:

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★Automotive Grade Cells-16 cell


★Integrated CAN bus RS485 BMS.

★LCD display shows battery


★Pre-configured with optimal


★No other LiFePO4 battery offers .

this functionality, longevity

and warranty at our price.

★Warranted for daily cycling.

★Optlonal Smart Heating Functlon

Can work -409C Degree


★Over charge detection function

★Over discharge detection function

★Over current detection function

★Temperature protection function

★Short circuit detection function

★Balance function

★Upper computer software monitor

★LCD Screen optional

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customer case

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Hunan Voltai Green Energy Co.,Ltd (Abbr: Voltai) settled the base in Changsha city of Hunan Province in 2006. Through 17 years high-speed development, Voltai is the integrated supplier to meet the needs of many fields of micro-energy storage system by providing one-stop solution from R&D to production, from made in China to created in China. In the international market, Voltai has become a brand recognized by users in Southeast countries, and annual turnover reaches 600 million RMB. At present, Voltai has developed direct selling stores in over 90 countries , and has set up branch offices with showrooms.
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