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Energy Storage Solutions Increase the Value of Your Power.

Voltai Provide a full of Energy Storage Solutions for Home Energy Storage Increase the Value of Your Power. The head, heart, body and soul of our system integration is expertise, software technology, hardware and industry leading safety & reliability. With unique smart technologies, advanced battery systems, and cutting-edge market and design expertise, we are relentless about creating the most optimal and reliable energy solutions that consistently deliver value. Incorporating fully integrated energy storage solutions into your specific energy system needs is key to what we do and to saving and earning you money.

Back up your life at all times

Battery pack can be charged in any way during the day

Voltai eneregy storage system will ensure your daily eletricity consumption when you are away from the power grid or in power outage.

Our Service

Voltai Specializes in Providing Complete Home Energy Storage Integration Solutions According To Customer Needs.We can calculate the required power of solar panels, batteries and inverters according to the voltage of the customer's local country, the duration of local sunshine, the total power of electrical appliances, the area plan for installing solar panels in the house, and the duration of continuous use.

  • Long Life Span

    Cycle Life>5000 Times, Warranty 5 Years, Longer Life Span 12 Years

  • High Safety

    High Quality and Extremely Safe, Eco-Friendly, LiFePO4 Battery with smart BMS

  • High Energy Density

    Improved Discharge And Charge Efficiency, Lifepo4 Battery with Smart BMS, Low Charge and Discharge Losses